GP INVEST’s employees are always aware of their self-worth, company product quality and always targeting the highest working standards. Every day we remind our employees “We are successful people and we serve successful people”.

Every employee is always aware how important customer satisfaction is. Therefore, we always pay attention to perfectionism in each product – service with the mindset “Your beautiful home, our success”.

GP INVEST said no to micro management. Acquire, apply and develop empowerment culture from successful international brands such as Google, Toyota, and Ritz-Carlton. In this form, employees are encouraged to self-assess and solve the needs or the customer problems without having to constantly report to their superiors. This is also a great solution to break the limit of creativity, helping employees to be more active and proactive in impressing, creating, preserving and developing relationships with customers.


GP INVEST creates an energetic working environment. Stressful arguments are unavoidable at work, however in the end we always find out the harmonious opinion and the most effective solution. Because everyone understands that the company’s benefit is much bigger than our ego. Right after leaving the desk, we are no longer president, directors, HOD, staffs, but become fathers, uncles, brothers, sisters to gather around cozy annual company meetings.

Always care about the health and spiritual life of the employees, GP INVEST periodically organizes extracurricular activities such as football club, staff festival & teambuilding, visiting high class resort and many other joyful entertainment activities to connect all of employees and make GP INVEST a second home.